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Our Product.

Symmetry tiles are the byproduct of organic clay imprints, recycled glass, and creative innovation. Each tile is hand crafted with aesthetic dualism in mind, the idea that a work of art can be both beautiful and functional. The implementations of our tiles are myriad, everything from kitchen backsplashes, heat plates to beer coasters, tile floors, patios, shower walls, and swimming pools, or maybe you just have a stubborn bit of blank space that just really needs something. What every you need, Symmetry Tile Works is the solution.      

Our Process.

Our unique style of clay imprinting with a glazed glass fill provides images with a notion of mysterious reminiscence. The same way a fossil might speak of a species long since extinct, our tiles seek to preserve our own fleating moments in time. Every tile is a custom built canvas, and while our team of studio artists have developed their own image archives, we would be delighted to custom make your tile. We want you to be able to immortalize your moment in time.   


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About us.

Founded by Robert, and Kerstin Rossel in early 2000, Symmetry Tile Works is a conglomeration of like minded artists with unique backgrounds. We believe art, beer and the environment are good, and diametrically opposed organizations are bad. We don't believe the world is black and white nor gray, but multi-colored. And yes we understand the conflict in this "about us," but sometimes existential crisis' can be constructive. We hope you dig our work.